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» SEDE: Visconti (ex Quarenghi)

24/07/2018 -

Sede Alex Visconti


When do they start?

With the exception of the summer months - June, July and August - they are held throughout the year.


How are they organised?

The courses are arranged in modules of 60 hours. The length of each course depends on the number of weekly hours (see table).

Most courses are programmed either twice or three times weekly.

Some centres organise weekly courses of 8 or 10 hours. Check our website or contact the individual centres.


hours per week

number of weeks

number of months

length of course

number of hours


4 hours per week



1) October-February

2) February-June


€ 92

6 hours per week



1) December

2) January-March

3) March-June



How much do they cost?

Each module costs € 92 which includes the final test but not the textbook (price range €15-€30).


Who can enroll?

You must be at least 18 years old with a knowledge of the Latin Alphabet, for those without Comune di Milano run literacy courses at via Fleming, 15 (tel. 02 88441458).


How do I enroll?

Follow these steps:

1. Fill in the registration form at this link

2. wait for the email confirming your registration (if you don't receive it, please check your spam folder)

3. now, with your account, book the entry test at this link:  . Click "attività" and choose a SEDE, a date and a time for yor test. You will receive a confirmation.

4. Take the test at the fixed date.


Do I need any documentation to enroll?

Any identity document (passport, identity card or driver's licence), and for those from outside the EU a Residency Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) or proof of application.

And if you already have one, an Italian tax number (codice fiscale).


How do I pay?

You may pay at school by a credit or debit card, or in any Post Office using the form provided by the Centre (the receipt of payment slip to be returned to the Centre within three days). Cash payment is not accepted.


Which course suits me best?

If you have no knowledge of the Italian language you may choose any of our “principiante assoluto” courses (level 1).

If you have some knowledge of the language you will be asked to do a test to ascertain your level. The tests are cost free and are held at various times of the year. Contact one of the centres to find out the dates.


Are the lessons in the “principiante assoluto” course held in Italian?

From the outset Italian is the language used in all our courses.


How many levels are there?

There are 10 levels. From "principiante assoluto" (level 1) to "avanzato" (level 10) which reflect the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.


Is there any certification?

We will provide you with a certificate of enrollment and certificate of attendance. On passing a test at the end of a module you will be given, on request, certification to attest level attained.


If for some reason I can't attend the course could I get my money back?

No, money is only reimbursed if any particular course fails to be activated.



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